We Like to Party!

Top Shelf Events Bartending Service, based in Tallahassee (with locations in, Florida: Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Panama City, Destin, Santa Rosa Beach; South Georgia: Thomasville, Valdosta, Bainbridge) specializes in the following types of events:

Private Parties

Legislative/ Session Parties

Restaurants Food & Alcohol  parings : Top Shelf Events will come to your restaurant and work with your chefs to prepare a food and spirits pairing that is open to customers for a set price. This will include 3 to 4 cocktails depending on how many courses you would like to offer.

Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parties– We like to Party!!

Wedding Rehearsal/Reception- Top Shelf Events brings the most professional and classy staff and set-up that will surely make your day.

Football/ Sports Parties: Want to have a bunch of people over to watch the game. Bring the experience of a bar to your home. Top Shelf Events offers sports packages (food and beverage) for a great deal.

Dinner Parties: Top Shelf Events offers a fine spirits experience brought to your home with cocktails to pair with every course. This is an experience that will bring knowledge and history to your table. It will bring your food and alcohol together in a sense that is like heaven to your palate.

Pajama Parties: Just feel like lounging in your PJ’s with your friends, Top Shelf Events will bring coziness and comfort to your home with a Pajama party menu that will knock your socks off! Great edibles available for this type of event.

Cocktail Parties: Top Shelf Events will come to your home, and mix specialty cocktails all night for you and your friends. There is no party too big or small. This is great for small parties of 10 or 20. Enjoy flavors of organic house made cocktails created to suit the theme of your party.

Party Bus/ Limo Service: Add a special flair to your party bus with your own personal bartender to make your drinks while riding. Don’t deal with the hassle of getting a drink in the club. Hire Top Shelf Events to cater to your every need while you enjoy the luxury of not having to wait for a drink, pay over priced prices, while utilizing the limo that you and your friends paid for.

For all events, Top Shelf Events will handle all aspects of the bar, including, but not limited to:

Complete Bar Set-up: This includes Top Shelf Events supplying everything pertaining to the bar area.

Tables, Table Cloths, Ice Buckets, Ice Scoop, Trash Cans (for behind bar), Coolers, Bar Mats, Stirrers, Bev Naps, Shakers, Wine Key, Bottle Opener, Pour Spouts, Bar Towels, Tip Jar, Knife, Cutting Board, Trash Bags, Condiment Tray, and A Smiling Knowledgeable Bartender(s).

Inventory List: Top Shelf Events will create an inventory list that will be picked up from a local liquor store based on the type of event. Weddings will have nice classy cocktails, where as your house party may have some snazzy jell-o shots or alcohol infused edibles. Top Shelf is known for their unique drinks that have flair like none other.

Clean-up: Clean up of the bar set-up will be included in the cost of the set up. For additional clean up of the entire venue will be an additional fee.

What should you expect to see in your proposal?

Bar Set-up Fee – This will vary based on complete bar set up or partial bar set up. Complete bar set up is based on set up for liquor, wine, and beer with a Top Shelf Flair. Partial would be only beer and wine with a Top Shelf Flair.

Expense – This will include a price for all items needed to make drinks excluding alcohol. Items such as cups, lemons, limes, ice, sodas, juices, olives, cherries, and any other items needed for service.

Product – This will be an estimated budget to set for your party based on the type of event, duration of event, and how many people attending the event. This area is only a budget of what can be spent on the party for alcohol.  This budget can vary based on premium or top shelf liquor, beer, or wine.

Service – This will have the number of bartenders needed for your event and the fee charged for those bartenders.

Service – Clean-up Fee – based on type of event.

Service – Gratuity Optional – Tips are appreciated