Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens to the alcohol that is not used?

When Top Shelf Events prepares an estimate, it will be based on what is expected to be needed to have plenty of alcohol for the guest.  Any un-opened cases of beer, wine, or liquor will be returned within a few days after the event and a refund for the return will be credited back to you within a week. This allows for Top Shelf to make sure they have enough alcohol to account for all the people attending the event.

Can I Purchase My Own Liquor?

You are welcome to go and purchase all the alcohol on your own. However, Top Shelf Events is always happy to help you avoid the hassle, by picking up the liquor for you. It also allows for any alcohol not used to be returned. There is a small return fee for all items credited back. However, if you choose to purchase the alcohol on your own, Top Shelf Events takes ZERO responsibility if you run out of any item needed during service.